Replacing the screen on the touchscreen phone: a simple repair scheme

Replacing the phone screen: a simple repair scheme

Since now mobile phones are used not only by adults, but also by active children, many users are interested in how the screen is replaced on the touchscreen phone by its own resources, without resorting to the services of special services. After all, you do not want to say goodbye to your favorite mobile device when the problem is solved quite quickly and almost as simply as ordering a cover-book on the phone for a child.

How to start preparing the replacement of the touch glass.

1. Preparatory work involves finding out the exact model of the device and its screen. Despite the fact that today it is quite easy to purchase such parts, it is necessary to make sure the correctness of the selected spare parts. You can find out exactly the model from the technical passport. There you must specify all such information about the gadget.
2. It will not be possible to conduct work without a set of screwdrivers. The versions of T6, T5 and T4 are required. For convenience in repairing the phone you need to stock up a rubberized or thin wooden stick.
3. It is necessary to find the maximally detailed instruction on disassembly of the touch telephone set. This information is in most cases indicated in the technical data sheet of the device. Basic steps to replace the glass in the touch phone. If you need Electronics Repair Cincinnati, visit our service center.

When all the preparatory activities are carried out, you can proceed directly to the main task.
1. It is necessary to unscrew all the bolts, and then remove the parts that fix the screen, it will be quite easy. If you need to replace the sensor on the phone, there are no special difficulties either.
2. The next step, which involves replacing the screen on the touchscreen phone, is the mandatory clarification of the exact code. In most cases, this information is fixed on the bottom of the screen itself.
3. Now the old, damaged part is being removed. It is fixed via a loop to the main board. You should be very careful here, as the train itself is incredibly thin. It needs to be removed smoothly, without sudden fluctuations. Optimum use of a thin stick.
4. Then you need to install the new touch screen as carefully and carefully as possible. In this case, special attention will be required by the train. It should be very accurately and delicately inserted into the groove, which is on the board itself.
5. In order to make the telephone fully functional,
you need to assemble the device. Bolts are tightened quite tightly. However, the full force is not recommended.

Following such a simple scheme of disassembly and assembly of the touch telephone device, it is quite easy to repair the damaged gadget on your own.

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