Repair of HTC Desire smartphones

Nowadays, smartphones have become indispensable helpers in the organization of work and home activities (for example, an ambulance from any such device can be called without problems). Therefore, when the beloved device breaks down, it causes a storm of unpleasant emotions. After all, without it is difficult, and repairing smartphones is an expensive pleasure.

Basics of smartphone repair

Repair of large household appliances is quite easy, but with smartphones it’s a little more complicated, since the details there are quite small. In addition, it is recommended to preview the training repair videos on the official HTC website in advance and buy a Torx T5 screwdriver and a small Phillips screwdriver. You will also need a thin plastic spatula, microfiber cloth and alcohol for degreasing the parts. You can keep the camera close at hand to shoot the phone at different stages of disassembly. This can help during the reverse assembly of the phone.

Plan for repairing HTC Desire phones. We reccomend visit this page before.

1. First remove the back cover and remove the battery to avoid short circuits and discharges during repair. Also it is necessary to remove simka and a memory card.
2. With a small screwdriver, carefully unscrew all the screws that you will find. Try to do this so as not to damage the sharp edge of the phone surface.
3. Next, separate the cover all around the perimeter. If she does not move away, then you missed some hidden cog. After detecting and unscrewing it, carefully remove the cover with a spatula. Now you can start troubleshooting and repairing smartphones yourself.
4. Disconnect all ribbon cables and remove the keyboard and board. Then remove the camcorder.
5. Then degrease the fingers with alcohol and, holding only the edge, remove the display.
6. Now all the important details are before you in disassembled form.

Inspect for damage or displacement. Having found a breakdown, eliminate it or buy a new part and you can start to reassemble. Start self-repair only if you are completely confident in your abilities. Opening the case of the smartphone, you automatically lose the warranty, so think carefully and in advance.

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