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Every user knows that bitter feeling when a favorite gadget breaks down. This trouble can happen as with the simplest black and white button model, and with the most heaped-up technical device. In this case, the client may need … to look at the rating of phone manufacturers? No! … repair of mobile phones. Classification of the most common mobile breakdowns All existing types of breakdowns requiring repair can be conditionally divided into two broad categories – production and user.

The following failures are related to production:
1. Use of defective parts in the device.
2. Incorrect or poor connection of parts.
3. Absence of any necessary spare parts (though rarely, but this happens).
4. Software malfunctions.

Custom crashes have a much more extensive nature, since there is no more pest for a smartphone than its owner. But most often there are the following faults:

1. Failure in the system due to penetration of moisture into the apparatus.
2. Mechanical damage to the hull and internals due to a fall from height. 3. Damage to the screen and the transmitter due to impact or fall.
4. Infecting the device with a virus that destroyed the operating system.

Repair cell phones solutions for all types of breakdowns

If there is a certainty that the fault of the device is only the fault of the manufacturer, then the user is entitled to free warranty repair of mobile phones, unless, of course, the coupon period has expired. However, this option is possible only if the client does not look at the “hood” of the smartphone himself. Otherwise, you can only claim for a paid error correction. Most often, you have to make a complete replacement of the damaged parts of the gadget.

In this case, it is best to give preference to original spare parts in order to avoid possible compatibility problems in the future. Of course, you will have to pay a lot, but this ensures that there are no frequent breakages in this smartphone system. In any case, if the user has found a malfunction in the operation of his device (for example, HTC Desire S smartphone), he needs to contact a specialist who is obliged to suggest the most acceptable solution to the problem.

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