Replacing the glass on an iPhone: steps to fix the problem

Replacing and repair the iPhone glass 

Nobody is immune from problems with gadgets, that’s why replacing the glass on an iPhone today has become such an ordinary task as cooking a dinner. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that it is advisable to refer to a specialized service center in this situation. However, it is worth remembering that the repair of the device will be carried out only after the diagnosis, and for this time you will have to forget how to listen to the radio in the iPhone or look at the photo on it. Iphone repair Cincinnati Ohio  – call us now for your trobleshooting.

How to start repairing the glass at the iPhone. A category of ordinary people who do not want to part with their favorite device for several months, can start independently to replace the damaged fragment.

1. First you need to collect all necessary tools for repair work. It’s not just a new glass and a set of screwdrivers. It is necessary to find a thin knife and a sucker. In addition, the hair dryer and special, two-sided adhesive tape, which will be required to fix the glass of the innovative gadget, are useful. Some people prefer to use simple glue.

2. The next step involves unscrewing the two screws located on the sides of the charging port.

3. Now you need to use the simplest sucker. Even a variant of children’s toys will do. It will need to be fixed there, where the Home button is located or somewhat higher than it. In order for the screen to be raised, it is necessary to slightly pull the sucker. Step-by-step instructions for changing the damaged glass To continue to work correctly, it is necessary to work very delicately with the device, without being distracted by the thought of how to insert a flash card into an iPhone, and so on.

1. After removing the screen, you can find three loops. They connect the motherboard and the screen itself. They need to be disabled. It will turn out to be quite simple, if the very edge of a thin knife can barely pull two loops. However, replacing the screen on the iPhone involves disabling the third loop. For this it is necessary to raise the fragile plate located at the very base of the part with the same knife. If you can barely pull for it, the screen can easily be removed.

2. Now the user can see that the back of the part is draped with a metal plate. It is fastened with six screws, which should be unscrewed. As a result, the display can be easily detached from the glass.

3. The next step is to free the frame from the deformed part. To do this, the frame needs to be heated by means of a warm jet of hair dryer. After this procedure, the glass can be easily pushed and removed.

4. The frame will need to be cleaned of glue particles. Now you can install a new glass to it. This will require the use of double-sided adhesive tape or adhesive. In the course of this manipulation it is very important to provide for the passage of new trails under the frame.
5. Build the iPhone in the reverse order.

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