Tell you how to choose a car GPS navigator in a car – which is better? And before the choice put in front of three questions and try to answer them.

To begin with, you need to determine with the purpose, this determines the choice and extends the range of choice of models. If you need a car navigator for infrequent trips, then the choice is wide. And if for traveling abroad – then you need to choose professional models – then the choice is narrowed.

There are built-in auto navigators with DVR. By experience I can say that it is better to buy separately a DVR and a separate navigator. Embedded models are much more expensive, and the functionality is not very high quality.
Many auto navigators have additional features. Among them you can note, such as: reading electronic books, listening to music, FM-transmitter, viewing photo albums and many such functions. Just answer honestly the question: do they need you? How often will you use them or not at all. By experience, I will say that these functions are often useless. It’s just “zamanilovka” for buyers.

An important factor in the work of the navigator is the speed of work. Before you buy it, look at the store “live” – ​​turn on and check the functionality. How quickly do the cards open initially? How does the new route calculate the navigator? It depends on his work – is it easy to use it and will not “infuriate” when he thinks for a few seconds or minutes while rebuilding the route.

Pay attention to such parameter as voice prompts of the navigator, whether you like the voice, because this is purely personal perception.
It is worth paying attention to the availability of maps and the latest version. The more perfect the version of the map, the more precise the search for the route. Many navigators provide the possibility to use several versions of maps, which is convenient for the user. Also, in some models of auto navigators there is support for Yandex Maps.

There are GPS navigators with the support of domestic navigation “GLONASS”, but their cost is high compared to traditional navigators, so there is no special meaning in their purchase.

It is worth paying attention to such a parameter as the screen diagonal – the higher it is, the easier it is to read the data. There are navigators with a diagonal screen from 3.5 to 7 inches. Acceptable is the size of 4.3 to 5 inches, which is suitable for most car enthusiasts. It is worth noting, the higher the diagonal of the screen – the greater the cost of the navigator.

There are many auto navigators of different price categories. The first ones are cheap “Mystery”, “Supra”, “Mio”, at the price of up to $ 100, they have the appropriate quality – they are not navigators for every day. They are bought to save, when the navigator is needed not constantly, but 2-3 times a year for long distance trips. The average price category is represented by such companies as Texet, Prestigio, Explay and others. Quality and reliability are higher, and the price is no more than $ 150. Such navigators buy when they do not trust Chinese counterfeits. They are better in quality and have enhanced functionality. If you need a car navigator several times a year and are going to buy reliable products, but not expensive – the choice of these navigators.

The highest price category is presented by the navigators of Garmin, Lexand and others. It is a professional navigator for every day. Quality and reliability – at the highest level. Such navigators have fast operation, they do not “slow down” when loading maps, there are additional features such as traffic jams on the roads, several variants of cards from different manufacturers, support for GLONASS or Yandex Maps.

Dear navigators better calculate the cards and much more reliable. Buy if you use every day.

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