Diagnosis and warranty repair of tablets: features

Warranty repair of tablets is carried out free of charge in the service centers. The only condition is that the device has not yet expired the maintenance period, and the failure was included in the list of faults for free repair. For example, when the battery in the tablet is not charged as a result of a strong overheating of the device in the sun – this can cause a refusal to provide warranty repair. Common Tablet Malfunctions Warranty

Most often, service centers handle such problems:
1. Faulty touch screen or display.
2. Failure due to falling: broken or cracked display surface, malfunction of the motherboard.
3. Breaking the contacts in the charging slot of the tablet. This problem mainly arises from the use of non-original chargers.
4. Failures in the software of the tablet due to unsuccessful firmware.
5. Mechanical damage to the “filling” after unqualified repair.
6. The battery is quickly discharged or does not hold a charge at all.

These are only the main common problems that can arise during the operation of the tablet computer. If any of these occur, please contact an authorized service center (visit website) where there is warranty repair of the tablets. Independent attempts to repair the device can lead to a breach of the warranty and irreparable damage to the device, after which it will be impossible to use the tablet as a monitor and in general in any capacity. Actions in case of damage to the tablet for warranty If there are any malfunctions in the operation of the device, the warranty period of which has not yet expired, it is necessary to immediately attribute the gadget to the service. Keep in mind that authorized centers are mostly not engaged in on-site repairs, but are sent to the manufacturer.

This procedure can take a long time. Nevertheless, the correction of warranty breakage is made free of charge. What situations are not considered guarantee 1. If the gadget stopped turning on after the fall and there are traces on its body after the impact. 2. If there are traces of moisture in the device, and there are malfunctions in its operation. 3. Mechanical damage to the touch screen and other parts of the case. That is, the aforementioned cases arose from the user’s vein, and not the manufacturer, so their elimination can not be performed for free.

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