Common TV Problems & How To Fix Them

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Now about problems with TVs

Modern TVs are a complex technique that displays information that performs a variety of functions and ensures high quality of the broadcast picture. Such equipment makes it possible not only to receive the signal of cable, terrestrial channels, but also allows the exchange of information via the Internet or with the help of high-tech devices.

The most common failures encountered by such a technique are:

The image disappears.
Color disappears when playing back images on the screen.
There is interference.
The screen flashes.
The power supply is out of order.
Malfunction of the horizontal transformer.
No signal.
Can not configure channels.
The sound track disappears.
Stripes appear on the screen.
The TV can not be turned on.

Independently adjust the operation of this technique is quite problematic. In addition, independent intervention to resolve the problem can lead to even more serious problems. That is why it is necessary to apply to experienced specialists who will be able to solve the problem in a high-quality and prompt manner. They search the problem consistently, checking all the major nodes and components.

Malfunction of home theaters


In our time, home theaters can often be found in residential apartments. Modern technology is reliable and high-quality, but even in time it faces problems in functioning. And the most common problems that cause disruptions in the work of cinemas are:

Malfunction of the magnetic, optical components of the technology that are responsible for the reproduction.
Malfunction of the elements responsible for displaying the image.
Malfunction of the elements responsible for sound reproduction.

Such problems cause the owner of the equipment to seek help from professionals who repair home theaters. Without proper knowledge and experience in restoring the functionality of such devices, self-intervention for the purpose of troubleshooting is strictly prohibited. You can cause irreparable damage to expensive equipment, which will no longer be suitable for repair.

Considering that the home theater is a complex equipment, it is desirable to trust repair only to such professionals as the team of the company “Ingeneric”. Our employees quickly and qualitatively cope with the tasks of any level of complexity. Faced with the following technical problems, immediately contact us:

Lack of sound.
No image.
Distortion of the image.
Lack of color.
The appearance of interference.
Can not turn on the TV, etc.

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