Cell phone repair: inside view

Who can be entrusted with repairing cell phones? It’s no secret that this device is the main means of communication with the outside world, so a sudden breakdown can be a real tragedy. It is recommended to contact the appropriate repair service (but before that read the reviews on mobile phones and services in general), or try to produce it at home. However, it should be remembered that the task is not of the lungs, and requires a radio engineering education. This becomes clear already with a cursory study of the specifics of the use and features of the structure of the mobile device.

How justified is the independent intervention in the repair, and what can it lead to? The most common reasons for repairing a cell phone Statistics show that the most common type of device failure is mechanical damage caused by the impact. In second place – “drowned”. This dynamic is unstable and periodically changes places.

What kind of repair cell phones is needed if the device gets into water or snow? Read examples here: http://www.electronicsrepair.site/

Remove liquid from the body is not enough – you should also get out the battery, and as soon as possible, without turning off the device. If the oxidation reaction does not occur, after the phone has completely dried, the phone will work again. However, it may happen that electrochemical corrosion will damage the joints, and then a competent cleaning of the contacts will be required.

Most often, an ultrasonic bath is used for this purpose, which is combined with a special detergent solution of a certain concentration and composition. The cost of such a procedure in the repair service usually does not exceed $ 10. You can clean the contacts yourself by using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or a regular office eraser. Special aerosols are also effective – for example, Kontakt Chemie Fluid 101, which has excellent hydrophobic properties. Repair of software and power amplifier in a mobile phone Power amplifier failure most often happens when the owner of the phone accidentally drops it.

As a consequence, there are interruptions, and even a complete absence of a signal. Employees of the service center will test this phone for sensitivity and check the transmitter’s power (from $ 20). At home, this is unlikely to be corrected, because special equipment is required. Software failure may occur after self-firmware or when downloading content (but the program for synchronizing Android with a PC here may not be necessary even).

Problems are possible due to the use of poor-quality cables. Experts mention that it is recommended to install the phone at home only for Siemens models, but in all other cases it is better to contact the service center (from $ 5). The cost of installing software depends on the complexity (from $ 10).

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