Repair of cell phones. Helpful information

Every user knows that bitter feeling when a favorite gadget breaks down. This trouble can happen as with the simplest black and white button model, and with the most heaped-up technical device. In this case, the client may need … to look at the rating of phone manufacturers? No! … repair of mobile phones. Classification of the most common mobile breakdowns All existing types of breakdowns requiring repair can be conditionally divided into two broad categories – production and user.

The following failures are related to production:
1. Use of defective parts in the device.
2. Incorrect or poor connection of parts.
3. Absence of any necessary spare parts (though rarely, but this happens).
4. Software malfunctions.

Custom crashes have a much more extensive nature, since there is no more pest for a smartphone than its owner. But most often there are the following faults:

1. Failure in the system due to penetration of moisture into the apparatus.
2. Mechanical damage to the hull and internals due to a fall from height. 3. Damage to the screen and the transmitter due to impact or fall.
4. Infecting the device with a virus that destroyed the operating system.

Repair cell phones solutions for all types of breakdowns

If there is a certainty that the fault of the device is only the fault of the manufacturer, then the user is entitled to free warranty repair of mobile phones, unless, of course, the coupon period has expired. However, this option is possible only if the client does not look at the “hood” of the smartphone himself. Otherwise, you can only claim for a paid error correction. Most often, you have to make a complete replacement of the damaged parts of the gadget.

In this case, it is best to give preference to original spare parts in order to avoid possible compatibility problems in the future. Of course, you will have to pay a lot, but this ensures that there are no frequent breakages in this smartphone system. In any case, if the user has found a malfunction in the operation of his device (for example, HTC Desire S smartphone), he needs to contact a specialist who is obliged to suggest the most acceptable solution to the problem.

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Diagnosis and warranty repair of tablets: features

Warranty repair of tablets is carried out free of charge in the service centers. The only condition is that the device has not yet expired the maintenance period, and the failure was included in the list of faults for free repair. For example, when the battery in the tablet is not charged as a result of a strong overheating of the device in the sun – this can cause a refusal to provide warranty repair. Common Tablet Malfunctions Warranty

Most often, service centers handle such problems:
1. Faulty touch screen or display.
2. Failure due to falling: broken or cracked display surface, malfunction of the motherboard.
3. Breaking the contacts in the charging slot of the tablet. This problem mainly arises from the use of non-original chargers.
4. Failures in the software of the tablet due to unsuccessful firmware.
5. Mechanical damage to the “filling” after unqualified repair.
6. The battery is quickly discharged or does not hold a charge at all.

These are only the main common problems that can arise during the operation of the tablet computer. If any of these occur, please contact an authorized service center (visit website) where there is warranty repair of the tablets. Independent attempts to repair the device can lead to a breach of the warranty and irreparable damage to the device, after which it will be impossible to use the tablet as a monitor and in general in any capacity. Actions in case of damage to the tablet for warranty If there are any malfunctions in the operation of the device, the warranty period of which has not yet expired, it is necessary to immediately attribute the gadget to the service. Keep in mind that authorized centers are mostly not engaged in on-site repairs, but are sent to the manufacturer.

This procedure can take a long time. Nevertheless, the correction of warranty breakage is made free of charge. What situations are not considered guarantee 1. If the gadget stopped turning on after the fall and there are traces on its body after the impact. 2. If there are traces of moisture in the device, and there are malfunctions in its operation. 3. Mechanical damage to the touch screen and other parts of the case. That is, the aforementioned cases arose from the user’s vein, and not the manufacturer, so their elimination can not be performed for free.

Cell phone repair: inside view

Who can be entrusted with repairing cell phones? It’s no secret that this device is the main means of communication with the outside world, so a sudden breakdown can be a real tragedy. It is recommended to contact the appropriate repair service (but before that read the reviews on mobile phones and services in general), or try to produce it at home. However, it should be remembered that the task is not of the lungs, and requires a radio engineering education. This becomes clear already with a cursory study of the specifics of the use and features of the structure of the mobile device.

How justified is the independent intervention in the repair, and what can it lead to? The most common reasons for repairing a cell phone Statistics show that the most common type of device failure is mechanical damage caused by the impact. In second place – “drowned”. This dynamic is unstable and periodically changes places.

What kind of repair cell phones is needed if the device gets into water or snow? Read examples here:

Remove liquid from the body is not enough – you should also get out the battery, and as soon as possible, without turning off the device. If the oxidation reaction does not occur, after the phone has completely dried, the phone will work again. However, it may happen that electrochemical corrosion will damage the joints, and then a competent cleaning of the contacts will be required.

Most often, an ultrasonic bath is used for this purpose, which is combined with a special detergent solution of a certain concentration and composition. The cost of such a procedure in the repair service usually does not exceed $ 10. You can clean the contacts yourself by using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or a regular office eraser. Special aerosols are also effective – for example, Kontakt Chemie Fluid 101, which has excellent hydrophobic properties. Repair of software and power amplifier in a mobile phone Power amplifier failure most often happens when the owner of the phone accidentally drops it.

As a consequence, there are interruptions, and even a complete absence of a signal. Employees of the service center will test this phone for sensitivity and check the transmitter’s power (from $ 20). At home, this is unlikely to be corrected, because special equipment is required. Software failure may occur after self-firmware or when downloading content (but the program for synchronizing Android with a PC here may not be necessary even).

Problems are possible due to the use of poor-quality cables. Experts mention that it is recommended to install the phone at home only for Siemens models, but in all other cases it is better to contact the service center (from $ 5). The cost of installing software depends on the complexity (from $ 10).

Замена экрана iphone 6

Шаг 1 Винты Pentalobe
Перед разборкой iPhone, разрядите батарею ниже 25%. Заряженный литий-ионный аккумулятор может загореться и / или взрываться, если будет случайно проколот.
Выключите iPhone перед началом разборки

Снимите два винта Pentalobe диаметром 3,6 мм рядом с разъемом Lightning.

Шаг 2 Покрытие дисплея лентов
Положите перекрывающиеся полосы прозрачной упаковочной ленты поверх дисплея iPhone до тех пор, пока вся лицевая часть не будет закрыта.

Это позволит сохранить осколки стекла и обеспечить структурную целостность при снятии дисплея.

Наденьте защитные очки, чтобы защитить глаза от любых осколков стекла, которые могут отлететь во время ремонта.

Если сломанное стекло затрудняет присоединение всасывающей чашки в дальнейших этапах, попробуйте сложить прочную ленту (например, клейкую ленту) в виде рукоятки и снять дисплей вместо всасывающей чашки..

Шаг 3 Процедура открытия iSclack
Следующие три шага демонстрируют использование iSclack – отличного инструмента для безопасного открытия iPhone 6 , который мы рекомендуем для тех, кто делает более одного ремонта. Если вы не используете iSclack, пропустите три шага для альтернативного метода.

Если пластиковый датчик глубины установлен в центре iSclack, снимите его сейчас – он не нужен для более крупных телефонов, таких как iPhone 6 .

Закройте ручку на iSclack .

Шаг 4
Поместите нижнюю часть вашего iPhone между присосками.

Поместите верхнюю присоску iSclack на дисплей, чуть выше (но не закрывая) кнопку “Home”.

Откройте ручки, чтобы закрыть присоски iSclack. Центрируйте присоски и плотно прижмите их к верхней и  нижней части iPhone.

Шаг 5
Надежно закрепите свой iPhone и закройте ручку iSclack, чтобы отделить присоски, потянув переднюю панель от заднего  корпуса.

ISclack разработан, чтобы безопасно открыть ваш iPhone для разделения его на составляющие, но недостаточно, чтобы повредить кабели дисплея.

Очистите две присоски от вашего iPhone.

Пропустите следующие три шага и перейдите к шагу 8.

Шаг 6 Процедура открытия вручную
Если у вас нет iSclack, используйте одну присоску, чтобы поднять переднюю панель:

Нажмите  на присоску на экран, чуть выше кнопки «Home» .

Убедитесь, что чашка надежно прижата к экрану, чтобы получить плотное уплотнение.

  • Кстати, если вы хотите заменить экран на своем Айфоне быстро и с гарантией качества, обратитесь в наш сервисный центр в Могилеве

    Шаг 7
    Удерживая iPhone одной рукой, подтяните присоску, чтобы слегка отделить переднюю панель от заднего корпуса.Не спешите и применяйте твердую, постоянную силу. Узел дисплея намного плотнее, чем большинство устройств.

    Используя пластиковый инструмент для открывания, начните осторожно вытаскивать задний корпус вниз, в сторону от дисплея, продолжая притягивать присоску .

    Есть несколько зажимов, которые держат переднюю панель в заднем корпусе, поэтому вам может потребоваться использовать комбинацию присоски и  инструмента для открытия пластика, чтобы освободить сборку передней панели.

    Шаг 8
    Потяните пластмассовый наконечник, чтобы освободить вакуумное уплотнение на присоске.

    Снимите присоску с дисплея .
    замена экрана iphone 6

    Шаг 9 Открытие телефона
    Во время повторной сборки выровняйте зажимы под верхним краем заднего корпуса. Затем сдвиньте переднюю панель вверх, пока ее верхний край   не окажется на одном уровне с задним корпусом.

    Откройте iPhone, откинув конец передней панели передней панели сбоку от заднего корпуса, используя верхнюю часть телефона в качестве  шарнира.

    Несколько клипов вдоль верхнего края передней панели образуют частичный шарнир.
    Во время повторной сборки выровняйте зажимы под верхним краем заднего корпуса. Затем сдвиньте переднюю панель вверх, пока ее верхний край не окажется на одном уровне с задним корпусом.


Tell you how to choose a car GPS navigator in a car – which is better? And before the choice put in front of three questions and try to answer them.

To begin with, you need to determine with the purpose, this determines the choice and extends the range of choice of models. If you need a car navigator for infrequent trips, then the choice is wide. And if for traveling abroad – then you need to choose professional models – then the choice is narrowed.

There are built-in auto navigators with DVR. By experience I can say that it is better to buy separately a DVR and a separate navigator. Embedded models are much more expensive, and the functionality is not very high quality.
Many auto navigators have additional features. Among them you can note, such as: reading electronic books, listening to music, FM-transmitter, viewing photo albums and many such functions. Just answer honestly the question: do they need you? How often will you use them or not at all. By experience, I will say that these functions are often useless. It’s just “zamanilovka” for buyers.

An important factor in the work of the navigator is the speed of work. Before you buy it, look at the store “live” – ​​turn on and check the functionality. How quickly do the cards open initially? How does the new route calculate the navigator? It depends on his work – is it easy to use it and will not “infuriate” when he thinks for a few seconds or minutes while rebuilding the route.

Pay attention to such parameter as voice prompts of the navigator, whether you like the voice, because this is purely personal perception.
It is worth paying attention to the availability of maps and the latest version. The more perfect the version of the map, the more precise the search for the route. Many navigators provide the possibility to use several versions of maps, which is convenient for the user. Also, in some models of auto navigators there is support for Yandex Maps.

There are GPS navigators with the support of domestic navigation “GLONASS”, but their cost is high compared to traditional navigators, so there is no special meaning in their purchase.

It is worth paying attention to such a parameter as the screen diagonal – the higher it is, the easier it is to read the data. There are navigators with a diagonal screen from 3.5 to 7 inches. Acceptable is the size of 4.3 to 5 inches, which is suitable for most car enthusiasts. It is worth noting, the higher the diagonal of the screen – the greater the cost of the navigator.

There are many auto navigators of different price categories. The first ones are cheap “Mystery”, “Supra”, “Mio”, at the price of up to $ 100, they have the appropriate quality – they are not navigators for every day. They are bought to save, when the navigator is needed not constantly, but 2-3 times a year for long distance trips. The average price category is represented by such companies as Texet, Prestigio, Explay and others. Quality and reliability are higher, and the price is no more than $ 150. Such navigators buy when they do not trust Chinese counterfeits. They are better in quality and have enhanced functionality. If you need a car navigator several times a year and are going to buy reliable products, but not expensive – the choice of these navigators.

The highest price category is presented by the navigators of Garmin, Lexand and others. It is a professional navigator for every day. Quality and reliability – at the highest level. Such navigators have fast operation, they do not “slow down” when loading maps, there are additional features such as traffic jams on the roads, several variants of cards from different manufacturers, support for GLONASS or Yandex Maps.

Dear navigators better calculate the cards and much more reliable. Buy if you use every day.

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When starting the engine, the main electricity consumer is a starter, the current strength reaches hundreds of amperes, which causes a significant drop in battery voltage. In this mode, consumers are powered only by the battery, which is discharged intensively. Immediately after starting the engine, the generator becomes the main source of power supply.

The generator is a source of constant recharging of the storage battery while the engine is running. If the generator does not work, the battery will quickly discharge. The generator provides the required current for charging the battery and the operation of electrical appliances. After charging the battery, the difference between its voltage and the generator becomes small, which leads to a decrease in the charging current.

When you turn on powerful consumers (such as a rear window heater, headlights) and low engine speed, the total current consumed can be greater than the generator can deliver. In this case, the load will fall on the battery and it will start discharging.
The generator drive is carried out from the crankshaft pulley by belt drive. The larger the diameter of the pulley on the crankshaft and the smaller the diameter of the generator pulley, the higher the generator speed, respectively, it is able to give consumers more current.

On modern machines, the drive is carried out by a poly-V-belt. Due to its greater flexibility, it allows to install a pulley with a small diameter on the generator and, therefore, to obtain high gear ratios, that is, to use high-speed generators. The tension of the poly-V-belt is carried out by tensioning rollers when the generator is stationary.

What does the car generator consist of? Any generator contains a stator with a winding, sandwiched between two covers – the front, the drive side, and the rear, on the side of the contact rings. Generators are mounted in the front of the engine with bolts on special brackets. The holding paws and the tensioning eye of the generator are located on the covers.

Caps, cast from aluminum alloys, have ventilation windows through which the air is blown by the fan through the generator. Generators of traditional design are equipped with ventilation windows only in the end part, generators of “compact” design also on the cylindrical part above the frontal sides of the stator winding.

On the cover on the side of the contact rings, a brush assembly is attached, which is integrated with the voltage regulator, and a rectifying unit. The covers are usually strapped together by three or four screws, the stator being clamped between the covers, the seating surfaces of which cover the stator along the outer surface.

The stator of the generator is recruited from steel sheets with a thickness of 0.8 … 1 mm, but is more often performed by “on the edge”. When carrying out the stator package, the yoke of the stator above the grooves usually has projections, in which the position of the layers relative to each other is fixed during the screwing. These protrusions improve the cooling of the stator due to the more developed outer surface.

The need to save metal has led to the creation of a stator package design, recruited from separate horseshoe segments. The binding of individual sheets of the stator package to a monolithic structure is carried out by welding or riveting. Virtually all generators of mass production vehicles have 36 grooves in which the stator winding is located. The grooves are insulated by film insulation or by spraying an epoxy compound.

A feature of automotive generators is the type of pole system of the rotor. It contains two pole halves with protrusions – poles of the beak-like shape of six on each half. Pole halves are stamping and may have protrusions. In the absence of protrusions when pressing on the shaft between the pole halves, a bushing with an excitation winding wound on the frame is installed, with winding being carried out after the bushing is installed inside the frame.